Monday, January 26, 2009

Megan's Award at School

This last Friday we were invited to Megan's school assembly where several students from each grade were recognized for their achievements. Megan was chosen by her Kindergarten Teacher to recieve an award for being a responsible student. The school principal explained to the students what it means to be responsible and that it leads to trust, honesty and many other good quailites. She is a very good student and is learning to read. She is part of a reading group made of students in her class that are more advanced in thier reading skills. She brings home a different book each week to read and learn the words. We are very proud of her accomplishments in school.


Levi and Meg said...

She looks so excited to get that award!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big the kids are. Time flies!!!!
I've been lurking around the Gillett family blogs trying to catch up, but it's not easy. So much going on! Great to see pictures though-
Congratulations on the award.
Lacy Wulff (Webb) and family